Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sacrifice Story Update!

A sample:

It will be 60 pages story about ghosts, dark caves, mysteries and muscular girls. The story have lots of things, but its focused on Futanaries/shemales. And its have transformations, FMG, gender change, mutations, monsters. You know, kinky and crazy stuff. It's been a long time I don't make these kind of stories.

It will take a time to complete, but I believe more two months or less I will have it done.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Mass Attraction Update!

Hello Everyone!
I know I said I would release a beta, but I had to make some deep changes in the coding, so I had to double-check a lot of stuff. It will be done in some weeks the beta.

Meanwhile, I will post more arts and maybe small parts of the game.

See you with more news!

Friday, December 12, 2014

FckOn/Sacrifice Story Update!

Hey! The first page!

I chose to make the pages look like a manga instead of a plain comic. It's different, right?
And... Man! How do I miss drawing voluptous mature ladies!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mass attraction Update!


As promised, a sample of Tali and Samara!

I am trying my best to release a demo on this Xmas. A little peek in the story:
The famous and awesome Commander "insertYourName" have to investigate the use of a strange technology by a part of his crew, the female members to be more precise. Is this a menace to the universe? Should he keep on his own? Or should he make them respect his authoritah!?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Growth Queens extra #1 update!

Okay, then. Tsunade story it is!
I did some sketchs for the characters:

You know, Naruto is there just for comedy purposes. I will make the layouts in this week.
Now the other short story, Nami and the muscle "fruit". I think Usopp is the best victim... partner for the story.

Friday, November 28, 2014

FckON Novel Update!

I am thinking in changing the title again. But no worries, the story will be the same.

The layouts are pretty finished, almost. It's a +60 pages story. Is pretty hardcore, there is FMG, shemales, gender change, ghosts, magic, massive... birds. But no gore. The idea here is to be a ghost/supernatural story. And hot. I mean, crazy hot.  But not of the bat-fuck insane kind like Tough Love series. Just a regular hentai story.

I will post a sample of the art soon.

Growth Queens extra #1 Update!

I think I already posted that page... its the final version. It needs text yet.
The idea for these Growth Queens extra is to make a bundle of really short FMG stories of famous characters. Instead of colors, I will use computones. The original series, Growth queens, demands a lot of work, the colors, its a long and expensive process. Waiting 3 months for a comic is tough, huh?

So, this a new experiment mine. Short stories, 6 or 7 pages. The Harley Quinn story is finished now I have to make more one or two stories to make a 20 pages issue.

I was thinking to make another poll, but I guess it was kinda a mess and stressful to deal with that. Now I will do something different. Let me hear from you what you would like to see. But keep it short. If you like what someone posted, let me know it. Thats it.

OK! I will start!

I thought in a story with Nami(one piece) eating a "muscle" fruit. I did think in a story with Tsunade (Naruto) showing her body its still tight. What do you think?