Monday, October 28, 2019

Muscle Idol #1(AKA Hyper Mass#6) Release!

Yay! Finally! Another comic!

To get it, contact me by e-mail:

You can see more samples prices here:  

I am experiment another way to distribute my comics, all the +3 months patrons from the Mass Attraction project will get the comics for free. And more! They have access to the pages as they get done! And sketchs, inks, etc. This way you don't have to wait weeks(months...) to see a new page. And by the way, you don know the MASS ATTRACTION project right?

Anyway, this story will have three parts, I am working in the 2nd issue right now.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Hyper Mass #6 update!

Here are some samples of the Hyper Mass #6. The inking of the 33 pages is almost done. I am coloring the pages also, I believe I am around 70% done. This story gonna have around 100 pages, splitted into 3 issues.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Hyper Mass #6 update!


Another project has begun! Well, I started this one last year but now I can finally work on this fulltime. The name of this project is muscle idol. It's about a girl and guy finding a mysterious idol wich give them incredible powers and they use this gift to bring peace to the world. I am joking! They just fuck eachother like animals.

Here is a sample of the first page:

Nice! COLORS! It will feature a different style of muscle growth, it will happen in different body parts, first one leg, then another leg, etc. And the biggest new feature: it will feature a MMG, a male muscle growth, this time the guy will have some fun too.

This story will be somewhat long, some 80 pages, I will split in 3 or 4 issues, I don't want you guys waiting months(years) for a new comic(again). I am already inking and coloring the first edition, I am happy with the colors, effects. I think I will not have many surprises.

I will post more samples soon.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sacrifice #3 released!

It's out! Finally! Yay! The price is 7 bucks. The pack with the 3 issues is 14 monies.

 How can you get it? Contact me through and I will give you some options. If you already bought a comic from me, it's the same steps.

It would be nice to have an online store but I didn't figure out a better way to offer my comics. I was thinking in something on Patreon, releasing the pages as I finish them instead releasing only after all the pages are completed. Probably my next comic will try that format. But I will let you know what I decide first.

PS- If you are supporting Mass Atraction project for 5 months or more, you will get the pack for FREE! So be careful to not buy this comic twice. But I don't mind if you do though, I deserve it. I am a nice guy.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sacrifice #3 Update

Hello! This one will be the last update, the next one will be about  the release.
I am putting the sound effects and spellchecking, reviewing the art, its hard to say "DONE" in these big projetcs. I will release it next week. I am 99.9% sure.

But I did bring samples! The covers:

Which one do you prefer? Sunny beach or Hellish fire? It's hard to choose!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sacrifice #3 Update

Hello everyone!

I am very sorry for not replying the comments. I don`t know why I didn`t receive any notification from blogger about it. I will check this out.

The Mass Attraction game is taking a lot of my time, it`s a huge project and it`s a lot of work. I got sick one year ago and I`m still under treatment. I hoped I would get 100% by the end of the last year but the improvement isn`t going like I want. And I am not dying! I am just a bit... less functional.

SO! About the comic, I am still inking and inserting the effects. Just two pages to go. And the covers. I did two sketchs for a extended ending but I don`t know if I will include them in the end. A small sample:

I am getting only some couple of hours every week to work on the comic. I have others comics to do after this one, a solution is to release 2 or 3 pages monthly until I finish the Mass Attraction project. Before you ask, I don`t know when this will happen, content is being added all the time. I am not good in refusing cool ideas. You can see the project here:

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sacrifice #3 Update

I am very sorry for not posting anything related to the comic. I didn't stop working on it, I am slower, that's all. I am being very picky with textures and stuff, I am burning a lot of the time reserved for this project just testing different formats.

I am inking the last batch of pages, I did extend the ending a bit more. Now, it's 36 pages + 2 different covers.

I will not give a new release date, I don't want to upset you guys even more. But don't worry, the day is close! Believe me!