Saturday, September 13, 2014

FCK-ON Extra #4 Update

Hello again!

Sorry by taking this long to give more updates about it. Well, this edition will have mixed art styles, color pages, computones, gray shades. It will be three stories and they are pretty super hyper mega hardcore. If you are used to my stuff from the gallery you'll still get surprised.

I am posting the only "clean" page  so far, I want to keep the blog as neutral and "safe" as possible:

How I miss my black girls! I didn't have chance to draw them in my last comics. I should do it more.

Projects Update!

Hello everyone!

Alright! I guess it better to let you know what I am working in all those months. There is others stuff, but they were pushed back and these are main projects in the moment:







70% 16
10% 30
35% 40
INKING 20/40

That's it. I will try to not adding anything more until I finished two of them. I am trying to recover my old form, with more varied stories and more varied themes. If you have question about any project let me know. After all, I do this for you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Growth Queens #4 Update!


Another update! The works is progressing, slowly, I confess. I kinda hate coloring and I am too broke to pay someone to color it. Damn cat! The Vet ripped me off!

BUT! Here a sample!

It's not finished yet, I am trying to make the muscles stand out in the dark suit, which is kinda hard. But thanks to the marvelous art of RedSilver and his crazy and awesome notion of anatomy, the works are looking pretty good.

Doesn't look like she is wearing a delicious blueberry jelly?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Growth Queens #4 Update!

Hey! I am still alive!
Sorry for taking this long to post something!
The work is proceeding, don't worry.

<rant> Slowly I confess. Life is throwing some pretty big rocks on my head BUT I am not complaining about it, it's always better walking over the ground than lying under it! </End of rant>

Here is a nice sample!

I took some time to find the right colors for the symbiote, i know you guys will want to see every muscle clearly, juicy and shiny as a coconut pudding. A purple/blue-ish coconut pudding I mean.

That's it!
I will post more stuff on friday, give more info about  the Harley Quinn/Final Fantasy 7 story, the new FuckOn chronicles and the Mass attraction game.

See you around!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mass Attraction Update!

"What is this?" you ask. Good question!

This is my new flash game, Mass attraction! Well, everything started in HERE.

Other person got interested in the project and now we are working to bring it to life. This is a date simulator and, of course, is based in "that game from that company", it will feature most part of the characters. Female characters. Sorry, I have no issue with... "multitasking" gameplay, it's just a design choice, less work for me.

The main character is the commander Shepherd(got ya!) and you must help him in a investigation about the use of a mysterious tech by his crew. The female part of the crew(sorry again). I can't talk more about it.

The game makes a homage of  the original game, and it will a lot of similar features, you know the Parag...uay and Reneg...erative system. So you can be badass with the girls, or just be a little less badass. Or a complete wimpy. Every choice have rewards!

That's it. The game is in the making, its a lot of work, I don't know when it will be ready. I will give more info and samples as the work proceeds.

Growth Queens #4 Update!

Hello! Sorry for being "in the shadows" on these last days. BUT HERE HERE!

It's not 100% yet. The great and awesome RedSilver is helping me, he is doing the pencil lines and I am messing all the thing... I mean Inking and coloring them!

Ok, the comic will have 15 pages, maybe a little more if more pages are needed to wrap the things up.
That's it, I am about 1/4 of the work, maybe more four weeks I will be done with it. I guess. I believe. I hope.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hyper Mass #5 Update!

It's out!

Its the last chapter of that story, but before you ask, I can make more chapters later, there is a lot of situations to explore! And there is a set of 5 extra pics, featuring the couple getting the "special treatment" together!

As always, you can find the comic in my STORE! Also I released a pack with all the 5 Hyper Mass comics with a very special price! And I gave a pretty good cut in the price of the others works, please check them out!

Again, if you need more options to purchase the comic, send an e-mail to and let's work this out! 

Thank you for your support!
Now to Growth Queens with She-Venom!