Friday, March 4, 2011

Growth Queens #0 (AKA Gift project) Update


I bring new developments of a new experiment. Basicly, Growth Queens it's about short comics(10 pages) where it focus only in the growth aspect. No story, only growth. Each edition will feature a dear anime, cartoon, game, whatever character. 
Thanks for a kind supporter, this edition will be 100% free! Here a sample of the second page:

As you can see, the dear lady of the 0 issue is Chi-chi. I have plans to put Princess Peach in the 1st edition.

See you soon with more updates!


  1. Chi chi was a good choice ;), I wonder how Mario will take peachs change :p, maybe in 2nd edition your character could be a female verson of Bane and each pages she pumps more Venom into herself ;)???

  2. Very cool! I think these growth comics are a great idea. Not that i dont like stories, but the best part is the growth! Hopefully you could use the girls from Totally spies in the future!