Friday, April 27, 2012

Growth Queens #2 update

The comic is on the way, it will take a time to be finished but I will post some samples of the production.

 This sample is a rough page of the first "payback".  The comic is about muscular growth but there is a lot of potential to have action scenes, so it's being hard to condensate part of my ideas on 10 pages.


  1. Trust me and make the comic more about growth and less about combat we got enough combat in liz orbs & the brutal comics u draw :p ! I look forward to growth queens because of the non stop FMG not character development and fight scenes :(

  2. I know that. But I wanted the growth to happen in steps. She grows then do something, then she grows again and do other thing, then grows again. Making only one growth sequence is other idea, I could use it.

    1. Well you can just go with your instincts, I don't mind seeing what you'll come up with. At times, jealous of them, so keep doing what you think is best.

  3. This is looking great! I hope you're still working on it and making something you enjoy (as much as I'm sure we will).