Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wasted Lands Update

Hello again!

It's almost certain(98%) the release to happen in this Friday. But it may go to monday if something haappens(50%).

Here a sketch for the cover! Instead of making a particular scene of the chapter, I chose to use 'cover girls'! The cover will be a composition of a full body picture. If  you know others comics mine, in the end of the story you will get the entire picture without the letters in the way. And I am studying the option to add a naked version of the picture. Sound nice, right?

This girl is an pos-apocalyptic amazoness warrior(all the cover girls will be that, by the way). As you can see she likes Hockey and her outfit is kinda "missing" but that's the spirit. They don't like wearing armors for our luck.

I wanted to make another cover girl but the time is short and I have to deliver this, I have other comics in the line!

See you soon!

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