Sunday, October 27, 2013

Growth Queens #3 Update

YAY! It's out!
Thank you for the support on this work.

The comic have 15 pages, more 2 extra pages with extended versions of the cover.
That's it. More one comic!

The comic is available in my HOT STORE. If you don't use the credit cards available there, send an e-mail to and I'll work the things out.

Now it's the turn of the third edition of Hyper Mass #3. It's a 42 pages story about a young couple and a weird event: the girl muscles are growing day by day! Oh tragedy!


  1. Why does not the payment with your MasterCard?

    Until now I was the last payment I can not buy

    1. Send an e-mail to and I'll give you more options.

  2. great job! hahah love the Name Mr Dyson :P

  3. sorry but the comic was not that good to me, it could have been better but it was like....meh

  4. To be honest, it could have been continued if she simply absorb every fighter:p

  5. yeah it was really short and the growth aspect was not that major