Friday, November 28, 2014

Growth Queens extra #1 Update!

I think I already posted that page... its the final version. It needs text yet.
The idea for these Growth Queens extra is to make a bundle of really short FMG stories of famous characters. Instead of colors, I will use computones. The original series, Growth queens, demands a lot of work, the colors, its a long and expensive process. Waiting 3 months for a comic is tough, huh?

So, this a new experiment mine. Short stories, 6 or 7 pages. The Harley Quinn story is finished now I have to make more one or two stories to make a 20 pages issue.

I was thinking to make another poll, but I guess it was kinda a mess and stressful to deal with that. Now I will do something different. Let me hear from you what you would like to see. But keep it short. If you like what someone posted, let me know it. Thats it.

OK! I will start!

I thought in a story with Nami(one piece) eating a "muscle" fruit. I did think in a story with Tsunade (Naruto) showing her body its still tight. What do you think?


  1. Great Idea's with Nami.

    Maybe Sakura could be in the Tsunade story too. She is her apprentice after all :D

    like they find a ninja scroll too psychically show how strong they really are muscle vice :)

    1. Yeah, ir's a good idea. But I think the story could grow a lot.

    2. Muscle fruit is simple and will do the job.
      In case of Tsunade it's then the forbidden muscle jutsu?

      What do you mean the story can grew a lot?
      More sequels in the future or all short stories as a new comic with a full page length?

    3. It would be better to use a short and simple plot. Naruto have lots of good characters and depth. It would be sad to make a good beginning and then finish it with an abrupt ending. I plan to make Naruto calling her by old and senile granny, then she gets fired up and uses a 'true-form" jutsu and BAM! Some 7 pages should cover it. Then we can make another plot for a longer story in the future, which I already have, and involves most part of the girls.

  2. Ever played Skullgirls? Many girls to choose from, and there's a painful lack of FMG of them.

    If I could make a few suggestions, Ms. Fortune and Valentine come to mind (Painwheel seems a bit obvious), and if you're feeling bold (and really freaky) you could try with Marie herself.

    1. Yes! I got from the PSN+ deals. I played some minutes but I liked it, lots of quirks and features. I will play it again soon.

      About the characters, yeah, I can try. The nurse is a good choice! And the girl with the umbrella.

  3. the tsunade short seems like a good idea!
    I think I might have another one in mind. It's about juri han from street fighter. At the end of her story she breaks seth's core, but instead her eye engine reacts to it and absorbs what power it has left. From there it can just show us how much muscle she gains. simple right? Juri always seemed like the power hungry type.

    Anyway keep up the good work reddy