Friday, May 5, 2017

Sacrifice! #3 Update

I am taking too long to finish the comic, I know that.

The game I am working on, Mass Attraction, is on a critical stage (kinda of) and I am really pushing the work to build the first full playable version the soon as possible. I am trying to reach a new milestone of the game, but, oh boy, it's a lot of things to do.

The last issue of Sacrifice is inked, all the pages. I kinda remade all the ending, the original was a bit bleak and kinda vague. Instead those final pages, I chose to make a "light" one, more sexy and open to sequels. Now I need to resume the texture insertion, cleanning, text, effects.

And ink and color the two covers.

And draw the two extra pictures. It's not necessary for the story but it will add a nice touch to the ending.

That's it. I am sorry for all this delay. I like to put the best effort in everything I do, if something needs to be fixed or adjusted, I do it. And I am sorry for the lack of updates, it's the final pages after all. Posting them would spoil everything.

But do not worry! I will not start working on another comic until I finish this one properly.
Thank you for all the support!

AH! Another sample! This one is "safe". No spoilers. We all knew the guy was fucked.


  1. No need to apologize because I know its going to be worth the wait

  2. This picture is a telltale that shows you've been hard at work since the last update, it is a showmanship to write home about, absolutely stunning work. That said, I prefer the comic to take its time rather than it not being released at all. A question: Will you release this comic on your Patreon?

    1. Thank you for the patience. I am still thinking on that since my comic store isn't online anymore. But You can buy directly from me like always.

  3. Hey no need to apologize, we all know you are doing a awesome job. Also want to ask if you will be updating you shemale gallery soon.

    1. I am doing a lot of comic pages layouts and sketchs, just the sex parts. I can post them.