Thursday, June 2, 2011

Growth Queens #1 Update

And we have another project. This one is about FMG. Nothing else. Well, maybe...

The zero edition had Chi-chi and now the vict... The queen, i mean, is Princess Peach. The original idea was 10 pages more one cover. But the story got some "interesting" turns in the layout phase and I may extend the comic to 15 pages. I may, isn't 100% decided.

This comic series isn't about a plot only pages filled FMG sequences,  but this Princess Peach story got some potential to a full, crazy, WTF comic. I may release on Fanatixxx instead. And it can turn a little "brutal" someway... But I will not tell you why!

I think it's better to use a "plain" character  to star the Growth Queen comics. What you think? Would be ok to make a simplfied version, then a extended version later? Or make a final version extended?

Here the layout of the first page:


  1. I'm intrigued, but it depends on how "brutal" we're talking here; I'm not all that fond of excessive violence, unless it skews more comedic than gory.

    Also, what do you mean by, "it's better to use a 'plain' character"?

  2. It's a comedy after all. Nothing explicit and terrifying. But, still... Maybe I am too much worried about it. I should finish the storyboard and give a proper judgement.

    About the plain characters thing. I should use the word "simple" instead. Princess Peach have a lot of material to work, and I can a lot of stories with her. But other characters, for example, Chun-li form street fighter games. The story must gave some fighting, she must have her fighting outfit, I can't stray much. Chun-li would be a good character to be a Growth Queen.

  3. Yes chun li Would be hot but i think so would Cammy ;), or. Perhaps rouge from xmen absorbing muscle from others :)

  4. If you want to make a ton more money, release a "normal" ten-page version, and then, later, release the special edition with the extra five pages for an extra dollar. If you want, though, you can just release the extended version first. At any rate, I'll get it. It's nothing but Peach getting huge. Of course I'm gonna get it.

  5. Nah... The extended version isn't about more pages, but approach and depth. It's not like a uncensored version but a complete different work with another scenes.
    I didn't finished the storyboard, I will do it as I planned, 10 pages and make the comic and release. Ah, LuigisJuy will paint. And if you guys like the "approach", I will study to do another version, 30 pages with more depth and Crazyness.

  6. Guarantee people will like the "approach" for a chance to see you do thirty pages of unadulterated growth.

  7. The extended version will be not focused on growth directly, but the story and others "juicy" parts. But the regular version have plenty of FMG content. Basicly all pages. Less the first one because it's the introduction.