Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Growth Queens #1 Update

Hi everyone!

I am finishing a big comission on this friday(probaly) and after that I will have more time to work on Lizard Orbs 11 and Growth Queen 1.

Here one sample:

The princess got too sick of waiting the rescue. Too bad for the guards... Too bad indeed! I am already inking the third page, LuigisJuy should start the painting in one of these days. I will post the a finished page soon.

 See you!


  1. WOWOWOWOW!!! Lookin great! I cant wait for you too finish this one!

  2. REDDY !!! GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Holly cow!
    I love this idea. The dame in distress going uber and making the captor in distress. :D
    And it seems there will be at least some strenght feats in there. UltraAwesome!

  4. How many comic do you want to make in the series or will make? And where do you choose the characters from, comics, anime, manga or cartoons?

  5. This comic series is all about FMG. They'll have 10 pages. In this story I did one page as introduction and the rest is about growth, strength feats and muscle flexing. Soon I will post a poll to choose the next queen. SOme people already picked some choices. Any girl is permitted, manga, games, catooon etc.