Monday, May 14, 2012

Fanatixxx #3 Update

Hello! The comic is out! Sorry for taking this long to release! The link to the store is HERE!

I am very happy with the comic, I liked how the colors merged with the ink lines. Tell me what you think.

Ok, the comic have a lot of themes, muscular growth, shemales, dogs, womens, etc, but that is the motto of Fanatixxx, is everything about craziness. I believe it will please everybody.

The second part will be started after the release of Wasted Lands.

See you!


  1. This is a very good story thus far. I'd like to see Connie mess with Meg/Peg now! In fact, a bit of revenge might be in order now.


  2. Very cool!!! I hope to see Stewie in the second part.