Saturday, May 19, 2012

Muscle girls in games- Part 1

I know, I know. The blog is to post news of my works but I guess we can use to share some info of the two things I love: Games and strong girls!

One of the first games to have some really nice sprites of muscular ladies was the arcade Aliens Vs Predator from Capcom. Check some "cinematics":

Nice arms, huh? When I play it on the bakery next of my house, I always watch these short animations. Basicly, it's a muscular Chun-li. I like that guy who did the early designs of the Capcom's arcades. He did a very bulky girl but still sexy and feminine. My only complain it's inside the game she doesn't look like these graphics much. But the game aged well, it's still fun to play since this genre is so rare now.

Next week I will post more about muscle girls and games. Of course, if you want it.


  1. In fact, the guy's nickname was CRMK, look at the link for more info. And yeah, please continue! It's hard to find really muscular girls in fighting games, I only remember Angela Belti from Power Instinct, Rila from Breakers, and Sheeva in MK Armageddon, but fit girls are easier, SSF IV have a lot of them, KOF have Blue Mary and maybe Vice and Shermie.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for the answer! Yes, that's him, Bengus. But I kinda like his old arts. Looks a different person, maybe he had a ink man.

    I know some others games wich have muscular girls or similar(?). I will preapre the second part soon.