Friday, May 30, 2014

Hyper Mass #5 Update!

It's out!

Its the last chapter of that story, but before you ask, I can make more chapters later, there is a lot of situations to explore! And there is a set of 5 extra pics, featuring the couple getting the "special treatment" together!

As always, you can find the comic in my STORE! Also I released a pack with all the 5 Hyper Mass comics with a very special price! And I gave a pretty good cut in the price of the others works, please check them out!

Again, if you need more options to purchase the comic, send an e-mail to and let's work this out! 

Thank you for your support!
Now to Growth Queens with She-Venom!


  1. I own it - it's worth its price!!!

  2. Now could you perhaps put these out on the process productions store? As a bundle or something?

    1. It's not in my hands, but I will try to give it a push.