Monday, August 26, 2013

Process Productions

HEy! Big news!


Now, the site is displaying my comics as well!
In the moment you can find only Kartoon Warz, but we'll be releasing several others soon.
I am also making packs(or collections) with multiple comics, they'll have a special price for you!

That's it! Check their store now HERE!
There is a lot of comics and stories from a lot of awesome artists about several themes.

Be patient, there will be more comics mine soon!


  1. Will you then start focusing putting your work there or be between sites, your own store and that one?

  2. Yes, I plan to post most of my comics there for various reasons. It would be easier to me, their service is pretty good and most of the members of the site already knows me.

    I believe I'll post the new works on there is the same time I post on my store. It will be better for who wants to buy, more options.