Monday, August 5, 2013

New story Update!


Here a sample of a new story. Possibly it will be featured on the Hyper Mass series:

The story is about an average dude and a girl. The girl, somehow, beguns to change... she will get taller and taller and stronger! The angle of this story is about how they react to the growth in a common serie of events. Yes, they make a lot of sex while they figure that thing out. Another nice thing it's the growth happens in a very slowly pace, the story will have some 30 pages, maybe more.


  1. make this comic happen :) I love the idea and 30 pages :) let it be release this year please :)

  2. this is the true master peace of our life!

  3. Looks kool, I like the long ones. I hope you let them both grow together more fun that way ;)

  4. AH! A slow pace growth, my favorites. I was even about to request that!
    Keep up the goo work!

  5. I want it too!! Hey dude your Hot site dont accept credit card type (Mastercard o Visa?) Because I want to buy some of your work but dont accept them u-u. Anyway I like your Style!!

    1. Thank you for your interest!

      Contact me on I can give you more options to purchase my comics.