Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Growth Queens #0 RELEASED!!

It's done. It's a free comic, You can download it here: DOWNLOAD or you can see it on my GALLERY

You can send to your friends, paint, print and rub it on your face(wait the ink to dry first), etc.
The next issue will have Princess Peach. I will post the poll for the next character soon.

See you!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Growth Queens #0 (AKA Gift project) Update

Hi! Well, the comic is finished. Now, another person is checking the text and others possible errors  in the art so, I believe the comic will bre released in these days. This little comic will be available by download here(I will post via megaupload) and maybe in the gallery. The comic will be free and you can give, post, paint, show to your dog, paint, etc. I am posting a sample:

See you soon!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Motion comic project Update

Hi. I bring a small sample. Its really a small thing.

It's the second test for muscular Lois. The sample have a quick and rough arm flex but i guess it turned alrighty. The project is not meant to be fully animated as a cartoon, but a comic with some animation in their pannels.

Again, this project will take  while to be finished. It's very experimental yet.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kartoon Warz #2 Update

Hi! The comic is going fine. I didn't worked much on it in these days but I have no obstacle in the moment. The pages are more complex than the first edition. The muscle flexing in the pool party have a lot of characters and details and it's more work than the usual. I could take the crowd of the shots but i didn't want to make them disconnected of the others girls. I think the result will be very nice.

Here the rough of one of these pages:
 The comic should be released in the beginning of april.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Growth Queens #0 Update

Hi everyone! Here goes more one sample.
I believe it will be ready on the next friday. The comic will be available in my gallery and maybe on deviantart. I am still gathering the sugestion to the next issues. The edition #1 will feature princess Peach.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Motion Project Update- Demo

Here the demo. Press enter to move the scenes, but don't press too fast, I still have to fix that. The art isn't finished yet, I will fix some lines add some shadows, etc. I know, there isn't hot going on but it will come and will be big(I hope!). And don't mind the text, i am only testing the perfomance and coding.

I don't know when it will be ready. I am working in this on Sundays. I plan to make the first episode to have some 4-5 minutes.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Growth Queens #0 (AKA Gift project) Update

The work is going fine i should finish in two weeks. I will post a poll to choose the next victim, i mean, the next Queen! So, if you want to make a sugestion, do it and i will add it in the poll. Do not worry, the loser can run again in the next poll.

Motion comic project

I am posting this because i finished some experiments with motion stories with flash and i am very happy with the results. Speaking the truth, is a little more "animated" than a motion comic, it's almost a cartoon with some limitations.

The story is an alternate version of Kartoon Warz. It's like a super-hardcore-XXXtreme version.  It's the same plot, a mysterious gift from a stanger dude wich make girls huge. But there is a very, very naughty adition beside the muscles. Yes, old fans. We will have shemales. The main character of the first chapter/episode is Lois Griffin from Family guy because she is so easy to draw and she is usualy nasty enough to lead the story.

Maybe, Leela form futurama shows up too. But no Simpsons, no sexy-bizarre-naughty material enough on it to work. And Marge creeps me out.

Kartoon Warz #2 Update

The comic is going alright. I already have a little more than half. There still chances to release in this month.
I am posting the second page already painted by Luigisjuy. See you soon with more updates!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kartoon Warz #2 Update

Everything going fine here. This edition may get finished in this month yet. I believe,
Here goes half-done 9th page:

See you soon with more updates!

Growth Queens #0 (AKA Gift project) Update


I bring new developments of a new experiment. Basicly, Growth Queens it's about short comics(10 pages) where it focus only in the growth aspect. No story, only growth. Each edition will feature a dear anime, cartoon, game, whatever character. 
Thanks for a kind supporter, this edition will be 100% free! Here a sample of the second page:

As you can see, the dear lady of the 0 issue is Chi-chi. I have plans to put Princess Peach in the 1st edition.

See you soon with more updates!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lizard Orbs 10 Released!


Now, Kartoon Warz 2 and the gift project will be the center of my efforts. Soon i will post some samples of Kartoon Warz.

See you!