Friday, December 30, 2011

Kartoon Warz #3 Update!

This art is inked and colored by LuigisJuy. You can check his deviant page HERE!
The storyboard is stil in production. I got too many things on my hands right know but I will work on this very soon.

Wasted Lands #1 Update


I am finally doing the layouts of the story. The story is centered on pos-apocalyptic world, full of violence and chaos. We have a clan of super muscular Amazons. They slave the weak (everyone else) and use them as playthings. We'll have a nice story with suspense, thrilling moments. And of course, there is  a lot of brutal content. But the focus is the story.

I will post more details of the characters soon.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fanatixxx #3 Update

Hello everyone!

It's took a little time(one year I guess) but finally I am starting Fanatixxx #3. This edition is a tribute for manga/anime Ranma 1/2. I am still confirming some details of the story but will feature the same craziness showed on the first number of Fanatixxx, lots of muscular growth, outrageous sex sequences and comedy!

I am posting the layouts of page 2 and 3. I will post more updates soon.

Wasted Lands #1 Update

This series is about an angry amazoness clan in a post-apocalyptic world. The story is kinda violent since they don't like men very much. I will post more details of the story soon.

Here a test sample of the art. I want the comic to be very dark, but in the same time I want to make beautiful babes. In that pic you can see clothes and skin. What do you think?