Monday, June 18, 2012

Muscle girls in games- Part 3

Yeay. It's me again talking about games.
This game is a very precious and hidden gem, Undercover Cops, arcade game by Irem.

This game have a SNES version, wich is pretty good, have all the nice features of the original arcade.
Keeping the thing short, the special thing of the game is the female fighter, Rosa.

Do you notice her looks is, basicly, a girly version of Cody from Final Fight? And the fighting style is very similar, nothing ladylike at all. And here comes the sweetest part, she lifts a lot of heavy things in the game!

There is some huge stone pillars you can tear it up from the ground, then, swing it like a bat. A nice detail: The game have a nice animation of the character removing the pillar from the ground. It's something quite "WOW"!! And the characters can lift and throw others stuffs like motorcycles, boxes, fishs(?), etc.

It's sad Rosa doesn't have a fit physique in the game or the arts in the covers, but the game is a lot of tun to play. Have huge bosses and it's pretty challenging.

See you soon with more games!

Wasted Lands Update

Hello! The release day is getting closer! More one sample:

This pannel is about the Matriarch telling about the "end" of the world and the saga of her house. Yeah, this comic have more story than the usual, but will be worthy.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wasted Lands Update

Hello! Here a complete page! The resolution is small but the final thing will be bigger!

I tried to give a manga look. This story is for the muscle lovers who wants to see the girls in a deeper story.
I hope you like the first issue. I believe will be ready in this month yet.

See you!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Muscle girls in games- Part 2

More one special!

This game is famous but I bet most of you guys never noticied these:

They are Carol and Mardia from Captain Commando, a arcade game from Capcom. Nice sprites huh? Again, the muscles disappears in publicity arts of the games. Less Mardia, she still quite buff on them.

Sadle, they are only enemies. In the game itself, they doesn't have any particular feature oriented with strength. Carol uses these eletric forks thingy and Mardia just spit/vomit slimes. But the sprites are nice anyway. Look for the arcade version, not the Super Nes one.