Monday, August 26, 2013

Process Productions

HEy! Big news!


Now, the site is displaying my comics as well!
In the moment you can find only Kartoon Warz, but we'll be releasing several others soon.
I am also making packs(or collections) with multiple comics, they'll have a special price for you!

That's it! Check their store now HERE!
There is a lot of comics and stories from a lot of awesome artists about several themes.

Be patient, there will be more comics mine soon!

Growth Queens #3 Update


Inking the comic right now. And I noticied I can stretch the story a little more, to 15 pages.
So, back to the layouts! And I had a nice(and geek) idea:

If you know the games, you know who is. And if she wants the "world warrior" title, she will have to deal with him first.
I thought in puting one the female characters instead, but it would be a massacre. I am not fond of violence against women, against men is alright, and if it is a woman who is doing the ass kicking part, much better!

Monday, August 5, 2013

New story Update!


Here a sample of a new story. Possibly it will be featured on the Hyper Mass series:

The story is about an average dude and a girl. The girl, somehow, beguns to change... she will get taller and taller and stronger! The angle of this story is about how they react to the growth in a common serie of events. Yes, they make a lot of sex while they figure that thing out. Another nice thing it's the growth happens in a very slowly pace, the story will have some 30 pages, maybe more.