Friday, May 30, 2014

Hyper Mass #5 Update!

It's out!

Its the last chapter of that story, but before you ask, I can make more chapters later, there is a lot of situations to explore! And there is a set of 5 extra pics, featuring the couple getting the "special treatment" together!

As always, you can find the comic in my STORE! Also I released a pack with all the 5 Hyper Mass comics with a very special price! And I gave a pretty good cut in the price of the others works, please check them out!

Again, if you need more options to purchase the comic, send an e-mail to and let's work this out! 

Thank you for your support!
Now to Growth Queens with She-Venom!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Growth Queens #4 Update

I am doing some sketchs for the Mary jane/She-venom story. I kinda decided it it will me be the "bombshell" type, not the slim skinny super model Mary Jane. I guess you guys will not complain about that!

Another thing, I guess the mature/classic version is better, big lips looks good. I also did some doodles with venom as well, I think the simbiote goo can mimic something close to hair, but I don't how it will look. But this is just a brainstorming, it may not be possible to make this in the comic, since it's 15 pages. So I guess she will be look like in the end of the page.

Ah, I think either way she will look a bit scary. But in a sexy way! Ah, she will wear heels in the costume, she is a model after all, she knows how to fight wearing heels. I guess.

Hyper Mass #5 Update

I think this is the last update, next post will be about the release. I might be finishing this in the next week. I think, I guess, I hope.

I am preparing a nice extra thingy as well. I hope you like it!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Growth Queens #4 Winner!

Hi everyone! Finally here is the result!

We have a draw in here(what?), She-Venow and Cammy. But yeah, I know, the total number of voters (1239)is a little big in this election, so, we could have some 'smart' moves in this election.

Since I can't know for sure and I don't want to be unfair, I elaborated two auxiliary methods:

-I sent mails to 10 people, randomly asking for their votes.
-This other is a secret, it can be easily exploited if revealed.

To my surprise, these three methods resulted in the SAME indication, so we have a true winner in the end!

The winner is....




Yep, it's her. 6 of 10 randomly chosen voters picked her. The poll chose her and the third secret method indicated a result 50% higher than the second candidate.

ALRIGHT! It's time to start the sketchs. I think the favorite version of Mary Jane is the 70's version:

We,ll have a pretty short one page introduction of Venom and Spidey, then the symbiote takes Mary Jane(I didn't thimk in a reason yet), then She-venom fights Venom to take the rest of the Symbiote, getting huge in the process. It's not a serious story, it's supposed to be funny.
I am thinking in 15 pages.

See you soon with more details. I will work effectively only after the release of Hyper Mass #5.