Friday, January 27, 2012

Wasted Lands #1 Update

I am almost finishing the layouts. Soon I will post a completed page, inked and with effects. This comic series is a little more serious than the others, I will give a different treatment in the art aspect. 

LuigisJuy's Robot Story Update

Well, I am making a special project with LuigisJuy. The story, characters,pencil and colors are from him and I am inking and cleanning the pages. The story doesn't have an english name yet but it's about muscular, cybernetic and beautiful girls. It's hot and with lots of strength feats . Of course there is story as well.

Here a sample of a first attempt to make the characters:

 And here We have a final version of the main characters, the robot and her creator:
We will post a final page soon!

Fanatixxx #3 Update

Hi! Long time, huh?

I am working full time in some comic projects and today I will post some details of them.

First is about the third number of Fanatixxx. The story about Ranma 1/2 was pushed back to the 4th issue. The new theme is Family guy. The story was pretty ready one year ago and the thing got in full speed in the last month. Samples of the layouts here:

The story is pretty crazy like the first Fanatixxx, with a lot of content, furry, muscle growth, giants, dickgirls, femdom, we have everything on it. Less Stewie. 

The comic will have colors and 40 pages.
I will post something painted soon.