Friday, April 27, 2012

Growth Queens #2 update

The comic is on the way, it will take a time to be finished but I will post some samples of the production.

 This sample is a rough page of the first "payback".  The comic is about muscular growth but there is a lot of potential to have action scenes, so it's being hard to condensate part of my ideas on 10 pages.

Fanatixxx #3 Update

Hello everyone! This sample is about a scene, Don't worry, that fat bastard will not appear much, only some moments to have his ass kicked.

I hope this is the last update! There is big chances the first part to be released on next week.
More one time, this comic is about various themes, FMG, comedy, dickgirls, furry(...), it's about craziness.

See you soon!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wasted Lands #1 Update

Here more one sample of this pos-apocalyptic story with mean muscle girls!

Fanatixxx #3 Update

Hi everyone!

The work is going pretty well, I think it will ready soon. The sample is a part of one of Meg's growth sequence.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Portal Updated!

Hi again!

The links in the downloads section are back! Now, it's direct and fast! I think I need to do more packs...

The projects section is also updated, the list got a little shorter by a row.

Lizard Orbs #12 Update

Hey! The comic is available on the store now! There is a pack with the comics of the second chapter with a very nice price too!

Well, more one project finished! Took a little while to finish it. I think I deserve some extra hours of Mass Effect 3 today, huh?

The next comics in the line are Fanatixxx #3(Family Guy), Wasted Lands #1 and Growth Queens #2(Rogue). Back to work!