Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sacrifice #3 Update

Hello everyone!

I am very sorry for not replying the comments. I don`t know why I didn`t receive any notification from blogger about it. I will check this out.

The Mass Attraction game is taking a lot of my time, it`s a huge project and it`s a lot of work. I got sick one year ago and I`m still under treatment. I hoped I would get 100% by the end of the last year but the improvement isn`t going like I want. And I am not dying! I am just a bit... less functional.

SO! About the comic, I am still inking and inserting the effects. Just two pages to go. And the covers. I did two sketchs for a extended ending but I don`t know if I will include them in the end. A small sample:

I am getting only some couple of hours every week to work on the comic. I have others comics to do after this one, a solution is to release 2 or 3 pages monthly until I finish the Mass Attraction project. Before you ask, I don`t know when this will happen, content is being added all the time. I am not good in refusing cool ideas. You can see the project here: