Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hi everyone!

I created this poll to know what do you guys thinks of my comics? Are you happy?

Me? Well, I like making comics, more the merrier. But I need to know what you would like me to focus. Please mind, we can't have all. One choice deprives another.

So, choose what matters to you!

And if you want to add another choice for the poll, tell me!


I have two sites now: and

Growth Queens #3 Update


New comic, new project, he a skecth page of the Chun-li story:

I thought in keeping that spiky bracelet thingy, but they already looks "tight" in her normal state, and would look off in a much thicker arm.

Or no? I could make look like a chain wrist thing? Isn't logical but it would look pretty cute!

Ah! And M. Bison is giving his retreat move. I choose to mimic his stance in the game.
Funny, right?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Growth Queens #3 UPDATE

Better. huh?
I agree too. That's settled. Full colors then,
I will keep the initial settings, 10 pages and one cover.
Tell me what you think.

And DON'T FORGET, please!

I have two sites now: and

Monday, July 22, 2013 ONLINE

Hi everyone!
I had to disable the some months ago. Now, all my stuff can be found on


My comic store is also offline, I don't have any way to process payments in there right now. But if you are interested in my comics, send me an e-mail to and let's talk about, I do accept gold, corn, oil, cookies, virgins, vibranium, etc.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Growth Queens #3 update!

Another project! 2ndYay!

Here the sample of the first page!

What do you think?!
WHY NO COLORS you asks. Well, the thing is, I am pretty slow in colored comics. And I already measured the time and effort. With the help of Luigisjuy, the comic still takes a lot of time. It's weird.

So after a lot experiments and stuff, I came with some new methods for drawing comics. And I tell you, maybe with this I can pull off my wildest dream... 20 pages by month instead 5 or 8. It's pretty like the style of Wasted Lands, but it's a improved and revised method.

It's less work? Nope. Is a careful and strategic way of using lines and textures. It's a better use of time. Thats the japanese way of making comics. Or do you think anyone can draw 30 pages by week just drawing and drawing! No, there is a lot secrets and methods in the business! And a team. And money. And a team.

So, tell me what you think of the art. Of course, this is a manga style. Kartoon Warz needs another set of methods.

Hard Cookie #1 Update

It's out! YAY!

You can check for samples HERE! And if you still don't know where is my comic store, HERE!
I hope you like it, it's very pretty! The pencil art is from REDSILVER! He is pretty good on... everything! I just inked, cleaned, colored, edited, etc.

Now now, the comic is about action and comedy. And sexy muscles of course. I chose to not go into the hardcore, extreme, bang-bang, the things we are used to, because the story have a lot of content already. So, I focused in cuteness and muscles.

Ok! Time for  a new comic!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Muscle girls in games- Part 4

Hey! I found another muscular girl in a game!

It's Raijin, from Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The game is for WII, but there is a version for the PSP Vita. She is a boss of the game, she shows up in the last quarter of the game. 

As you can see, the game have very pretty graphics, and a very good animation style, something like those ancient theathers with paper figues. The developer, Vanillaware, also made Odin Sphere (PS2).

And check DRAGON'S CROWN too, look the amazon and the wizard:

It's a beat'em up/RPG game and is coming on august for PS3 and Vita. It can't get better that that!

Growth Queens #3 Update


Here the sketch of the first page! Yay!
The story is simple, Chun-li is in trouble and M.Bison is about to "Psycho-mantis" her and then...
You know the drill. The story will have 10 pages, one intro, 8 pages with muscle growth and one page for closure. That's is the basic idea, but it can change as the work proceeds.

See you soon with more info.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Growth Queens #3 Update!

The new queen was select!



This will be the next comic. Now, lets brainstorm a little.

I think the obvious choice for the story is a fight against M. Bison. I don't have any problem in messing with him anyway.But the story will be short, 10 pages. The pages will be used for muscular growth basicly, so the "why" and "where" will be very short and simple.

See you soon with more details.

AH! Another thing: I will use the mature version, from street fighter 2 and on. I like that outfit...

Hard Cookie #1 Update

Damn! She is a "bit" angry with me too!

Do not worry! The comic is in the final adjustments: Text, effects, some colors changes, etc.

BUT i can't tell the release day because I need more time. I will say the exact day soon.

See you soon!