Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lizard Orbs 11 Update


Yesterday I finished the comission for the Amy conquest, and now Lizard Orbs is the priority. I am posting two ideas for the cover. The "lizard" girl for this edition is the big boobed alien Jinnana. I may have another shots for the cover but I would like what you think abouth these two options.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Growth Queens #1 Update

Hi everyone!

I am finishing a big comission on this friday(probaly) and after that I will have more time to work on Lizard Orbs 11 and Growth Queen 1.

Here one sample:

The princess got too sick of waiting the rescue. Too bad for the guards... Too bad indeed! I am already inking the third page, LuigisJuy should start the painting in one of these days. I will post the a finished page soon.

 See you!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lizard Orbs 11 Update

Hi! Here a half done page!
I changed some visual aspects, thinner lines, more details in the muscles, etc. I gonna make less shades compared with the previous editions, the visual will be a little more clear and sharp. I gonna post a 100% finished page soon.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Growth Queens #1 Update

And we have another project. This one is about FMG. Nothing else. Well, maybe...

The zero edition had Chi-chi and now the vict... The queen, i mean, is Princess Peach. The original idea was 10 pages more one cover. But the story got some "interesting" turns in the layout phase and I may extend the comic to 15 pages. I may, isn't 100% decided.

This comic series isn't about a plot only pages filled FMG sequences,  but this Princess Peach story got some potential to a full, crazy, WTF comic. I may release on Fanatixxx instead. And it can turn a little "brutal" someway... But I will not tell you why!

I think it's better to use a "plain" character  to star the Growth Queen comics. What you think? Would be ok to make a simplfied version, then a extended version later? Or make a final version extended?

Here the layout of the first page:

Lizard Orbs 11 Update

I am resuming the work on Lizard Orbs 11 and I had to redo some pages to add more muscle action and climax. This chapter will end in the 12th edition. Probaly these two issues wil have 22-25 pages each.

Here a sample: