Friday, September 28, 2018

Hyper Mass #6 update!


Another project has begun! Well, I started this one last year but now I can finally work on this fulltime. The name of this project is muscle idol. It's about a girl and guy finding a mysterious idol wich give them incredible powers and they use this gift to bring peace to the world. I am joking! They just fuck eachother like animals.

Here is a sample of the first page:

Nice! COLORS! It will feature a different style of muscle growth, it will happen in different body parts, first one leg, then another leg, etc. And the biggest new feature: it will feature a MMG, a male muscle growth, this time the guy will have some fun too.

This story will be somewhat long, some 80 pages, I will split in 3 or 4 issues, I don't want you guys waiting months(years) for a new comic(again). I am already inking and coloring the first edition, I am happy with the colors, effects. I think I will not have many surprises.

I will post more samples soon.


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  2. A cute, busty, red head with glasses that will get musgle growth? Already a win!

  3. thx reddy. i want see more your comics!

  4. The growth being attributed to one body part at a time is an interesting idea.

    The length is comparable to Hyper Mass 3-5 (if not longer) which I dutifully appreciate.

    Here's hoping they live up to the title!
    (a punctual release would be swell indeed)

  5. Thanks Reddy. I hope there will be a lot of feats of strenght as well as sex action :)