Monday, March 25, 2019

Hyper Mass #6 update!

Here are some samples of the Hyper Mass #6. The inking of the 33 pages is almost done. I am coloring the pages also, I believe I am around 70% done. This story gonna have around 100 pages, splitted into 3 issues.


  1. When is sacrifice 3 Gonna be on 8muses

  2. When is sacrifice 3 Gonna be on 8muses

  3. You should purchase a copy like the rest of us did

  4. Because My good man, it's not free, Buy it or leave it, those are your options.

  5. Hope more sacrifice or similar to it plz reddy i like it it is awesome for more mother over the guy plz thanks
    futa x male

  6. First and foremost this final chapter was everything I hoped it would be. I love how reddyheart always puts a clip just how small Trevor is compared to the women. Where it is the height, muscle or dick size. There is always something where you can see these women are better than him in every way. I love how the women also rub it in his face. In Chapter one the mother was slapping his chest with her limp dick and it hurt him or when she made mention of giving a big dick to a girl. Chapter two the daughter was making fun him cause he couldn't handle her big dick. It was all so epic. The final chapter it was there and more they really wanted to break him. The mother and daughter make female Trevor so horny he just begs them to Fuck him. They we get to see their huge Dicks destroy him and it was brilliant truly awesome. But the goddess my goodness when she transforms her dick is so big it pushed Trevor away wow. I love how she just walks towards him you can tell from height to muscle to dick size she is the goddess and Trevor is nothing to her. When she catches him, her dick is twice the size of the mother and daughter. It was clear though that she was going easy on him. But when it was round two no mercy.
    My two biggest issues are the fact that the ending was kinda happy which I didn't really want and the second this is the end. It would be awesome if we could see the mother and daughter smash each of the guys that just arrived. But I get it Reddyheart is a one man team he can only do so much.
    Honestly speaking sacrifice is the best Futa on male hentai I have seen. Like I said earlier I love how the women show Trevor that they are taller, bigger muscles, bigger Dicks, can go longer and can shoot more cum. I hope reddyheart creates another comic similar to sacrifice cause nobody does futa on male like reddy. Well that all I wanted to say
    Reddyheart keep making great content